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The shops signs of spring

It’s the last days of March

According to the calendar spring is here. But still there are no signs of blooming, temperature can drop at night to -2°C (and it can still snow), but something in the air feels different

I’ve been living in Stockholm for the last 7 years. I used to hate the month of March. How can it be still so cold when it’s almost April? The winter here is so long that your body is really craving for the feeling of warmth on your skin. You can’t wait to change your wardrobe, pill off some layers and wear other colors then black. 

The Swedes, on the other hand, love March. There is finally light! The long dark days of the winter are gone, and there are more and more days with blue sky. It doesn’t matter that it’s cold, as long as there is light. The knowledge that the warm season is ahead, makes March even better.

I love March!

For the first tIme in 7 years something changed in me. I love March! Spring is in the air. I can finally wear my spring coat, Stan Smith (even thought sometimes I’m freezing) and it’s time of me to fresh my wardrobe and leave only the clothes that spark joy for me.
spring clothes

The shops are celebrating spring

Despite the cold outside, the shops I love around stockholm also refresh their collections and celebrate the coming of warmer days.

Spring essentials



Pink jeans 

Some Gypsophila from the flower shop on top of you magazines collection.

Square toe lace up flats 

Another striped shirt (because the other 20 I have are not enough)

Lace bodysuit 

Beige trenchcoat 

Beige bag

New color obsession

When it comes to my home, It looks like I have a new favorite color this spring. Green-gray.

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  • Lilach Järnbo

    Beautifully written.looking forward to the summer and those pretty photos you put makes me want to start the summer now!
    Waiting for your next post…..

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