Storage solutions that spark joy

Tidying is a difficult mission for many people. Sometimes my clients complain that they can’t even think of tidying certain categories, such as paper. So I try to make it more fun for them with some storage solutions that spark joy.


Some people may think that the KonMari folding method is not suitable for them, as they don’t have many drawers in their wardrobe.This is a misconception. The method works great with shelves too. All you need is a box! Any box would work. I use the plastic colorful crates and white shoe boxes. 
Plastic crates storage solution

These crates can also be used with children’s clothes and bedsheets. I love storing my pillow cases in it. 

storage solutions for bedsheets and children's clothes

Makeup & Toiletries 

Store your toiletries in baskets or boxes, sort them by sub categories and keep only the things you use. Discard old products and samples that you received and never use.
How to store toiletries


I admit, Paper is one of the most boring category to tidy. Sorting paper is tiring and doesn’t bring much joy. But if you choose a nice storage solution you love, the end result will bring you so much joy.
I absolutely love the box file for storing my papers. In this way, all the papers are visible and accessible. For my pending I use an metal envelope letter holder.

Kitchen Komono 

Like with every other category, food should also be accessible and visible. I use glass jars to store my food. 
Jars as storage solution for food

Small miscellaneous items 

These small circular containers are a great storage for your jewelry and other small items.
storage solution for small miscellaneous items

Sentimental items 

Along the tidying marathon you will find sentimental items. It can be a T-shirt from your university time that you never wear now, a love letter from 20 years ago (before we started to receive those by emails) etc. I love to keep mine in a nice box. It doesn’t mean you have to buy boxes all the time. It might even be a shoe box that sparks joy for you. 
I keep my sentimental items in a box on a shelf in my walk-in closet, a place I can see it every time I dress up. It’s not stored in a high shelf where I can’t see it.
storage solution for sentimental items

Tiding can be so much fun if you find storage solutions that will make you smile just by looking at it.

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