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H&M: Neighborhood store

Scandinavian concept store

H&M and minimalism in the same sentence? Only Sweden can take it’s retail brand H&M and turn it into Scandinavian concept store.

In a small, not very touristic neighborhood, lies H&M store like you haven’t seen anywhere else. There are only 3 stores like this in Sweden.

The design 

The space is designed with white and oak shelves and tables. There are a lot of plants and flowers around the store. By that H&M wanted to make you feel like home, to be in a place you want to stay for a long time. There is accuracy in every detail. Even the shopping paper bag is designed in a minimalist way, with a shopping list printed on it. 

The collection 

This store holds selected collection of women and children clothing,  a manicure corner and a small coffee corner. Most of the items are from the premium quality collection,  therefore it fits the whole concept.

Beauty section

Among other beauty brands you can find in the store The Ordinary skincare. The brand was born to be “clinical formulation with integrity”. Yet again, another product with minimalist design.    

The ambience 

With Scandinavian minimalist design, a coffee corner and the monochromatic colors, this space became one of my favorite spots in stockholm, even to sit with my computer and work.


My last purchase was a peplum dress and an oversized beige sweater. And that leads me to my next mission – how can you fold big fluffy sweaters and hoodies with the KonMari method? Read here to learn how to fold those thick garments.


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